Sunday, January 13, 2008


I found the race car track very amusing...

With Surbhi bua and playing with Josh's race track...

After all the other guests left Bua gave me Josh bhaiya's car race track to play with. This was the first time I was seeing and playing with the car race track. I cldn't help but say 'wow' all the time. Surbhi Bua told my parents that this was the first time she was seeing a baby say wow. I liked it so much that my mom had to buy me one too.

Happy Diwali- 2007

Lakshmi Puja...
Doing Puja at home with Mom....
Dressed up for the party at Aanya's place-with Dad

It was my second Diwali. We decorated the house and did a small pooja at home. Aanya's mom invited us for a Diwali party. Mom had bought some sparklers so all the kids had fun burning them. Surbhi bua too invited us over on a weekend for diwali party. I had fun playing with Josh bhaiya and his friend.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trick & Treating..

Anup, Amol, Arushi & Arjun
With Amrit and Shweta Aunty...

Some of my friends visited us on halloween eve. Arushi was dressed up as a little caterpillar, Amol as a power ranger and Anup as Batman. Later we all went trick and treating in the community.

Pumpkin carving..

We bought some pumpkins from the neighborhood patch and it was time to carve them. This year we carved few of my favorite things -an airplane, moon & stars !

Sunday, November 25, 2007


With mom...
Playing peekaboo with Mom & Dad...

Not only the costume but the attitude too.....

Spider man rescuing the cowboy......

A little horseshoe for a baby cowboy..face painting.....

Pumpkin decorating......
It was once again time for googleween. This year kids had their party on a separate day. There were clowns, balloon artists, face painting, live music and various activities for kids. There were scarecrows and a pumpkin patch for the kids to select their pumpkin for decorating. There were bins full of very ugly looking candies all around the park. There were snake -rats-eyeball-worm candies.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Linguistic sojourn

Linguistic sojourn

I can speak French now well thats what my mom says how I sound like when I read a book.
Btw, here is a cheatsheet

don-no-naa = I don't know
Kaa= Car
Boa= Ball
boon= balloon
joosh= Shoes
Staa= Star
mun= moon
oown = phone
Bi= bike
ten= pen
boo= boat
choo= train
tor tor= helicopter
bum= broom
aajon= Arjun
phis= fish
Band= done/close

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Visit to the neighbourhood pumpkin patch

At the neighbourhood pumpkin patch.....

Pumpkin patch

Having fun in a wheel barrow....


Mini house for chota baby......

We went to the neighbourhood pumpkin patch. The best thing about the trip was I got to go there in the night. There were lots of jumphouses. One of the dinosaurs jumphouse collapsed on us. We don;t have a picture of it as my mom froze for a second and cldn;t take a picture. I had fun running around the patch. My mom gave me a ride in a wheelbarrow. The outing came to an end with my dad scaring me with a really yucky looking scary mask.

Who do I resemble more

Picture A

Picture A

Picture B

Picture B